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Go forth and love comics!

Nov 10, 2019

*Comic Spoilers*

Craig, Matt, and Caleb sit down to talk about the latest things they've read this week, and then dig into The Crone from Dark Horse Comics by Dennis Culver, Justin Greenwood, Brad Simposn, and Pat Brosseau. The Abominable Mr. Seabrook (59:30), Something is Killing the Children #1 (1:12:00), and Savage...

Nov 3, 2019

*Comic Spoilers*

Our Jerry is leaving us for the Pacific North West and today was his final show as a regular cast member. We bid him farewell and dive into a big pile of comics! We roundtable Joker: Killer Smile by Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino, and Jordie Bellaire (22:30). 

Comics: The Last God (DC Black Label)...

Oct 27, 2019

*Comics Spoilers*

Over the past month we've collected questions from our listeners about "scary stories, and we bring them to this week's show. We chat about what makes a "good story" scary, Urban Legends, horror story/comic book mash up, theme songs, stand out moments, and what real life things scare us.

But first, we...

Oct 20, 2019

*Comic Spoilers*

This week, we put the spotlight on X-Men #1 (23:50) by Jonathon Hickman, Lienil Francis You, Gerry Alanguilan, Sunny Gho, and Clayton Cowels. Then we look at the Everything is Going Wrong: Punk Rock and Mental Illness (50:00), Valkyrie #3 (59:30), Ferals #1&2 (1:11:30), and Punisher Kill Crew (1:33:40)....

Oct 13, 2019


SFG went to the movies and we're discussing Joker on this weeks show. One of us loved it, one hated it, and two fell somewhere in between. (19:45)

Comics: YOTV Joker One-Shot (1:07:15); Spider-Man by JJ Abrams #1 (1:15:30); Dr. Doom #1 (1:25:15); The Curse of Dracula collected edition...