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Apr 30, 2018

Hey #SouthernFriedFam, 

We've got some extra room on the ol' Libysn account this month so Caleb is gonna talk about some of the great stuff solicited in the May 2018 Previews catalog. 

Thanks as always for listening, and we would greatly appreciate it if you would rate and review us on iTunes. 

Apr 24, 2018

Ep. 16 Show notes

Shoutouts and Nerdnews: RIP Verne Troyer.

The Lantz Rants: What to look out for when purchasing collectables off of the internet to avoid being ripped off.

From Iron to Infinity: Before Infinity War hits theatres, we each recount our top 3 MCU films and moments leading up to this film, chat about what...

Apr 17, 2018

Ep. 15 Shownotes

With Craig not feeling well, Jerry, Sean, and Caleb head out to Anime Con Arkansas to take in all the Anime, Manga, and Cosplay that they could soak up. Sean and Jerry sat down with Bryan, a translator for Crunchy Roll. The trio host a panel about podcasting and Caleb learns A LOT about a section of...

Apr 10, 2018

Caleb and Craig heads north to Chicago to hang out with creators, visit with friends, and spend all the dollars. 

Special Shoutout to Wendi Freeman of the Double Page Spread podcast for showing us around and sharing her city with us. 

Apr 3, 2018

Episode 13 Shownotes **Comics Spoilers**

This week is all about Powerbombs and Headlocks. It's our WrestleMania special! Enjoy, and don't for get to rate and review the show on iTunes. 

Intro and Shoutouts Nerd News: Comics, Film, and more. Interview with John “Action Jackson” Holt. Steel Cage Books of the Week:...