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Aug 26, 2018


Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark*Brendan Fraser in Doom Patrol*Live Action Bleach*Conan Comic Announced*Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends*Defenders 1-shots*Eve L. Ewing and IronHearts*Comicsgate is a hategroup*RIP Russ Heath*Sean Draws*Listener Q's*MangaRaman:Hellsing*Comics: West Coast Avengers 1*Jughead...

Aug 20, 2018

*Comic Spoilers*

Nerdnews:Tom Cruise/Green Lantern, Iron Fist Trailer, HBO'S Watchmen, Always Punch Nazis, After Houdini, John Bryne and Marvel, The Black Order, Marvel Knights. MANGA-RAMEN:Ranma-half with a side of Sailor Moon. Comics: Crowded #1, Extermination #1, Domino # 5, Edge of Spidergeddon #1, Gideon Falls #6,...

Aug 16, 2018

Sean sits down with a triad of up and coming wrestlers to talk about wrasslin'. Join Action Jackson, Cassandra "The Golden One" Golden, and Carter Mathews as they sit down to talk about the sport, the craft, their influences, and what they expect to see take place at SummerSlam. 

Aug 13, 2018

*Comic Spoilers*

Batwoman Casting, Zazie Beetz in the Joker, The Chris's quit Star Trek, Uncanny X-Men Creators, End of Aquaman and Hal Jordan, How we organize collections, favorite comic villains, emotional moments in comics, SummerSlam, Sandman Universe #1, Fantastic Four #1, Unnatural #2, Sideways #5, Batwoman #18,...

Aug 5, 2018

Show Notes *Comic Book Spoilers*

Nerd News: Marvel/Fox Merger, Circle Pit Press, and more. Sean's daily drawings. Listener Q's: Southern representation in comics, opinions on the Venom trailer, our favorite ongoing series, and why Justin Jordan is great. Southern Fried Spotlight on Hercules. Smother'd, Cover'd, and...