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Go forth and love comics!

Oct 28, 2018

*Comic Spoilers*

For the first part of the show we are joined by Wendi Freeman from the Double Page Spread Podcast to talk about wrestling and Halloween goodness, and then skype failed us. Sean and Caleb scrambled to salvage the show as best they could and talk about comics: Dead Kings* Aliens Dust to Dust #3*Mars...

Oct 21, 2018

*Comic Spoilers*

We welcome special guest Bill Zanowitz from the Comic Book Bears Podcast to talk about the latest and greatest in geek culture. *Dr.Who*Luke Cage Canceled*Crunchyroll/Toonami Split*Alfred Series Casting*Shokugeki no Soma*Shuri #1*Exorsisters #1*Teen Titans #32*Jonesy: Nine Lives on Nostromo*Captain...

Oct 14, 2018

*Comics Spoilers*

Sean Draws*Horror Films*80's Cartoons*Comic Newcomers*Nerd News: GOTG Comics*James Gunn & Suicide Squad*Iron Fist Cancellation*Morbius & Kraven Films*Manga-Ramen: Cowboy Bebop*Smother'd, Cover'd, & Comic'd: Murder Falcon 1*Avengers 9*Venom 7*Red Hood Outlaw 27*Lucifer Vol3 no.1*Savage Dragon 239*What...

Oct 7, 2018

*Spoilers, but you may not make it long enough to hear them*

So we don't know what happened. The audio gods frowned on us. It's probably Caleb's fault. Actually, it's definitely Caleb's fault. Don't give up on us. We want to do better. We will do better. We understand if you don't make it through this episode. But if...

Oct 1, 2018


Sean Draw's*Listener Q's: Sex and Stan Lee*Tribute to Norm Breyfogle*XMen Dark Phoenix*Birds of Prey Casting*Bumblebee Trailer*Venom Premiere*Kathleen Kennedy/Lucasfilm*NYCC*My Hero Academia Film Review*Justice League Odyssey #1*Spidergeddon #0*Heroes in Crisis #1*Domino Annual #1*Old Man Logan...