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Feb 24, 2019


Roundtable: Sharkey the Bounty Hunter by Mark Millar and Simone Bianchi

Nerd News: Alita Battle Angel*Umbrella Acadamy*Doom Patrol*Donny Cates Hate Mail*David F. Walker & Solid Comics*Bumblebee is officially reboot*DC Cancelations*Usagi Yojimbo goes too IDW*

Fresh Picks: Savage Sword of Conan...

Feb 17, 2019

*Comic Spoilers*

Smother'd Cover'd & Comic'd

Roundtable: Promised Neverland 1-3 (4:20)*Heroes in Crisis #5 (37:20)*Oberon #1 (51:00)*Champions #2 (1:00:00)*Daredevil #1(1:09:00)

Getting Ahead (1:25:50): Hight Level #1*Stronghold Vol.2 #1*Naomi #2*Venom #11.

Feb 10, 2019

*Comic Spoilers and Listener Questions*

LQ Topics: 

Current state of continuity in comics(5:40).

Recommend a comic to non-comics reader(31:50).

What Marvel and DC villains should get the live action treatment(47:50)?  

What series did you not expect to be good has surprised you?(1:54:00)


Feb 3, 2019

*Comics Spoilers

Smother'd, Cover'd, and Comic'd: Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #1&2 (3:20) (Ed Kuehnel, Matt Entin, Dan Schkade Marissa Louise) *Avengers#13 (30:20)(Jason Aaron & Andrea Sorrentino) *Superior Spider-Man#2 (42:00)(Christos Gage & Mike Hawthorne) *Guardians of the Galaxy#1 (57:05)(Donny Cates & Geoff...