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Go forth and love comics!

Apr 28, 2019

*Comic Spoilers*

We're back without Jerry to answer some Listener Questions. But first, we Roundtable Thanos #1 from Tini Howard,  Ariel Olivetti, and Antonio Fabella.

In honor of our 69th episode, we talk about some of our favorite sex scenes in comics, List our Top 5 for DC Comics characters, rap about 10 comics...

Apr 21, 2019

*Comic Spoilers*


We're back to talk comics this week! In a random turn of events, we give a lot of love to Aftershock Comics. We roundtable Mary Shelly Monster Hunter #1(5:30), then: Lollipop Kids #4 (45:30), Orphan Age #4 (55:45), Fairlady #1 (1:00:45), and a new self-published anthology from Daniel White, Atomic...

Apr 14, 2019

*Comic Spoilers*

We're all back together again with some of the latest news coming out of STAR WARS Celebration, including our thoughts on the new Episode IX trailer. 

But first, we Roundtable Supergirl #29, and have a conversation about Dr. Stone, the manga from Shonen Jump. 

May the Force be with you, or...

Apr 7, 2019

*Comic Spoilers*

Lets talk some comics. Craig pulled a Caleb and is traveling, but three geeks are better than none. We roundtable War of the Realms #1 (10:45), Jerry talks up Dial H for Hero (32:40), Sean chats up Avengers #17 (44:50), and Caleb goes over Detective Comics #1000 (55:30)

Need suggestions for #NCBD?...