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Thanks for listening to the Southern Fried Geekery Podcast where a cast of fans and geek-aficionados come together to discuss comics, toys, games, films, and other aspects of geek culture. If you like what you hear, be sure to leave us a review. You can also reach out to us on twitter, @sfgpodcast, or email us your questions and comments at

Go forth and love comics!

May 26, 2019

*Comic Spoilers*


And we're back...with a new voice! With Jerry on vacation, we enlisted SFG friend of the show Matt Trogden to sit in the fourth chair and offer his brilliance (and hierarchy of violence) to the show. 

We round-table Kyle Starks and Erica Henderson's Assassin Nation #3, and then jump into listener...

May 19, 2019



Hey, were back. Let's talk comics. This week, we round-table Giant-Man, the first of a three part mini-series springing out of War of the Realms. Then we break out our own books of the week: Excellence from Image Comics (37:00), Black Torch from Shonen Jump (43:45), Waves from Archaia (49:35), adn...

May 12, 2019

*Comic Spoilers*

Happy Mother's Day! This week, we roundtable an indie Western Comic writen by our buddy and friend of the show, Mr. Zack Davis, with art by Tyler Sowles, and Letters by Justin Birch.

Then, we dig into some the last months news topics, such as the passing of Petern MayhewEisner Nominations, the Oni/Lion...

May 5, 2019


AVENGERS ENDGAME was a major cultural event, and it's shattering all the box office records. We've all seen it, and now its time to talk about it. 

But don't worry, we're still a comics podcast, and we chat about a few of those as well: SPACE FORCE by Rich Woodall, Venom #13, Ghost Tree #1, and Avengers...