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Go forth and love comics!

Jul 28, 2019


If you thought we weren't going to talk about House of X, by Jonathon Hickman and Pepe Larraz, you excel at being wrong. (18:00) Craig tells us about Unearth #1 (1:00:30), Sean talks Batman (1:07:50), Caleb reviews Domino Hotshots #5 (1:13:00), and Matt jumps back a few months with Savage Sword of...

Jul 21, 2019

*Comic Spoilers*

This week, we kick things off by round-tabling Mark Russell and Richard Pace's SECOND COMING #1 from Ahoy Comics.

Then we run down a short list of the news that poured out of SDCC this week. From comics to movies, there was a lot to cover. 

NCBD suggestions: Star Pig #1, Go Bots TPB, Red Sonya #6,...

Jul 21, 2019

Like most podcasts, we do an annual end of the year wrap up, but 12 months is a long time to wait to find out the hot comics of the year. So, with that in mind, we present to you, the 2019 Comics Half-Time Report where the hosts run down their lists of favorites thus far into the year. We've got recommendations on a...

Jul 14, 2019

*Comics Spoilers*

With SDCC a week away, we opted to postpone talking about news until next week, so we're back to chat about some comics that we've read over the past few weeks.

Round-table: Reaver #1 by Justin Jordan, Rebekah Isaacs, Alex Guimares, and Clayton Cowels. (19:00)

Avengers #20 (47:00), Criminal #1 (54:30),...

Jul 7, 2019

SFG goes to the movies! This week we round-table Spider-Man Far From Home. Heavy Spoilers, so if you haven't seen the film, hit pause and come back later. (16:30)

Comics: Canto #1, Martian Manhunter #6, Martial Law (1987) #1, The Walking Dead #193

#NCBD menu: Unearth #1, Reaver #1, Black Hammer/Justice...