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Go forth and love comics!

Jan 26, 2020

*Comics Spoilers*

This week, we talk Guardians to the Galaxy #1, and then just free flow for a bit to talk about art, the medium, and who is helping to evolve Comics. 

Jan 19, 2020

*Comic Spoilers*

Lets talk Comics: The hosts tell you three #comics they read this week, the talk up Ahoy Comic's Second Coming #6 (23: 25), Marvel's Star Wars #1 (53:00), Marvel's What If #39 (1983) (1:05:00), and Dark Horse Comics' Tales from Harrow County #1 (1:17:30)

NCBD Picks: Wellington #2 (IDW), Guardians of the...

Jan 12, 2020

We read a lot of comics in 2019, and this week we say once and for all what our favorite comics, creators, films, and actors of the year were. 

NCBD: Killer Groove TPB Vol. 1, Hellboy Winter Special, Second Coming #6

Jan 5, 2020

*Comic Spoilers*Intro by Leo Moracchioli*

Happy New Years! Lets talk comics: Wonder Woman Dead Earth by Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer, Wellington #1 (IDW), Ash #1 (Event Comics/Jimmy Palmiotti/ Joe Quesada), Pen Pal (Junji Ito/Frankenstein) 

NCBD Picks: The Clock #1 (Matt Hawkins/Coleen Doran/Image), Batman #86...