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Go forth and love comics!

Mar 29, 2020

*comics spoilers* Bear with us as we shift around to make things work.

Creeper 1-6 (2006)(17:00), Super Duck #1 (36:00), Immortal Hulk #33 (45:00), My Brother's Husband (1:03:00)

Its a great time to check out some trades and original graphic novels! We recommend: A Small Killing (Avatar Press), Batman vs. Judge Dredd,...

Mar 22, 2020

*Comic Spoilers-Wash Your Hands*

Ascender by Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen, & Steve Wands (24:30), Hotell #1 (AWA Upshot)(45:15), Outlawed #1 (Marvel)(59:30), X-Force #1 (Marvel)(1:19:30), X-Force #9, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, Justice League #1 $1 Reprint, Artemis & the Assassin #1, Spider-Man Life Story TPB, Johnny...

Mar 15, 2020


Decorum (22:00): Jonathon Hickman, Mike Huddleston, Rus Wooten, Sasha E. Head, Image Comics; Punisher Soviet #5 (51:30); Nicnevin & The Bloody Queen (1:01:30); King of Nowhere (1:12:30); Batman's Grave #6, Reaver #7, Moonshine #17, Detective Comics #138 Facsimile Edition, The Man Who F'd Up Time #2, Rise of...

Mar 8, 2020

*Comic Spoilers featuring Technical Difficulties*

COMICS: Billionaire Island (Mark Russell, Steve Pugh, Chris Chuckery, Rob Steen)(20:00); Tomb of Dracula #10 Facsimile Edition (47:00); Crossed +100 #1 (Alan Moore)(58:45); Loud! (Maria Llovett)(1:11:15). Cimmerian Queen of the Black Coast #1, Strange Academy #1, King of...

Mar 1, 2020


Comics: HIDDEN SOCIETY no.1 from Dark Horse Comics (18:45), Persephone (Archaia)(47:30), Predator vs. Dredd vs. Aliens (Dark Horse)(56:00), X-Men #7 (duh)(1:04:30), Saint Young Men (PenguinRandomHouse)(1:20:30). Plus: Harley Quinn Birds of Prey #1, Harleen vol.1, Blackbird vol.1, Redneck no.26, Killadelphia...