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Go forth and love comics!

Nov 29, 2020

Comic Spoilers, now with 100% more Lilly Lantz

The Witcher Fading Memories (21:30); Run Wild (1:02:00) Daredevil #24 (1:15:00); Planet Paradise (1:36:00); 

NCBD: Batman/Catwoman; The Butcher of Paris TPB; Comic Book History of Animation;

Nov 22, 2020


This week the spotlight is on The Mandalorian, Ep. 1-4, Sea of Sorrow #1, The Demon Annual #2, Punchline #1, Nightwing #76, Faithless II #6, Scarenthood #1, Immortal Hulk #40, X of Swords #19, Captain America #25, Barbalien Red Planet #1.

NCBD Picks: The Complete Peanuts Vol. 14, X of Swords Destruction #1,...

Nov 15, 2020


Craig is taking the week off so Matt and Caleb dive into Crossover, the new Cates/Shaw/Cunniffee joint from Image Comics. We catch up on Marvel's X of Swords, Wolverine: Red, White, & Blood; and the new ONI PRESS graphic novel Odessa by Jonathon Hill. 

Get your #NCBD game right with X-Force #14, Barbalien...

Nov 8, 2020

*Spoiler Warning*

Lets talk comics: USAgent #1 Priest/Jeanty/Story/Milla (27:00); Pretty Violent #11 Hunter/Young/Holt (52:30); Daytripper Moon/Ba (1:05:00); Doctor Sleepless (1:20:30).

NCBD Picks: Punchline #1; Getting It Together #2; Taskmaster #1; Power Rangers #1

Nov 1, 2020

Colonel Weird #1 from Jeff Lemire and Tyler Crook, Dark Horse Comics (24:00); Batman Three Jokers #3, DC (50:00); Werewolf By Night #1, Marvel (1:05:00); Giga #1, Vault (1:15:00). NCBD Picks: Wolverine Black, White, and Blood; Sweet Tooth the Return #1; Transformers/My Little Pony #4. 

*Last week, while...