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Go forth and love comics!

Jan 31, 2021


We take a deep dive into the first 2 arcs of Alan Moore's tenure on Swamp Thing with art by Stephen Bissette, John Totleben, Rick Veitch, Shawn McManus, and Dan Day. 

NCBD fresh pics: Luna #1; Graphic Fantasy (Reprint by Image); Chained to the Grave #1; Fear Case #1

Jan 24, 2021


Comics: Haha #1 from W. Maxwell Prince, Vanesa Del Ray, Chris O'Halloran (Image Comics)

Conversation w/ Jon Westoff about Child Possession Service written by himself and drawn by Bobgar Ornelas from their new indie comics publication company Part-Time Comics. Find their kickstarter:

Jan 17, 2021

*Comic Spoilers*

Lets be honest, 2020 was a terrible year. However, there were some amazing #comics for us to read. Caleb, Matt, and Craig are joined by a friend to help run down each host's Top Ten Favorite Comics of 2020. 

#NCBS Pics: X-Force #16, Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman; Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon;...

Jan 10, 2021

Spoiler Warning

Short Stacks: Eternals #1; Detective Comics #1033; One Piece #1000; Batman Future State #1; Wolverine #8; The Arrival (Shaun Tan); Getting It Together #4; Six Days (Vertigo)

Comics: Star Wars--High Republic #1 (24:00); Captain America #117 Facimile Edition (54:00) Future State--Swamp Thing #1 (1:06:00); Dune Graphic...

Jan 3, 2021

*Happy New Year, Have some Spoiler Warning*

We are joined by our good friend and pop-culture companion Dr. Zack Kruse to chat up our likes and dislikes of the recently released Wonder Woman '84. Then we get some excellent insight on Zack's forthcoming book on the great and often misunderstood Steve Ditko. Mysterious...