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Thanks for listening to the Southern Fried Geekery Podcast where a cast of fans and geek-aficionados come together to discuss comics, toys, games, films, and other aspects of geek culture. If you like what you hear, be sure to leave us a review. You can also reach out to us on twitter, @sfgpodcast, or email us your questions and comments at

Go forth and love comics!

Feb 28, 2021


Comics: Immortal Hulk--Flatline; Amazing Spider-Man #101; Captain America/Punisher: Blood & Glory; Conan the Barbarian #44; True Believer--The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee (preview); Clusterfux Comix #1; and a lot of Roy Thomas.

NCBD: Noctera #1; Lady Death Lingerie Edition; Swamp Thing #1 (Infinite Frontier); Jonna and...

Feb 21, 2021


We decided to take a snow day and just chit chat with no real agenda other than a few "ice breaker" topics just to get us chatting. 

We talk about what we've been reading, what comics we keep in the guest bathrooms, and books that came out the year we graduated. 

NCBD Picks: Paranormal Hitmen #1; X-Men #18; Two...

Feb 15, 2021

*Comics Spoilers

Roundtable: Radiant Black; Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1 of 4); Graphic Fantasy Reprint #1; Pinocchio the Vampire Slayer.

NCBD: Hollow Heart #1; X-Men Legends #1; Immortal Hulk Flatline #1; Truth & Justice #1

Feb 7, 2021


Comics: Fear Case by Matt Kindt with Hilary & Tyler Jenkins (19:30); Hard Boiled (Miller & Darrow)(43:15) ; Star Wars: High Republic Adventures Older & Tolibao)(50:15); Ghosted (Debbie Jenkinson)(59:00); Star Wars High Republic (Marvel); Sea of Sorrows; Red Mother; Batman Black & White; Future State Swamp Thing...